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With Digital Visiting Card, Customers can directly connect to you with only one click.With one click, they can call you, They can send messege to you, they can reach to your location.

Gallary Showcase

In Digital Visiting Card, You can showcase upto 10 Photos and 2 Videos which can definately impress customers.

Easily Updatable

In Digital Visiting Card, You can change any details, Designs, Photos, Any where any time using our free admin panel application

Lifetime Validity

Once you pay, Card will be activated for lifetime. There are no Renewal Charge in our Digital Visiting Card

Environment Friendly

A survey shows that 88% of printed cards are thrown out in less than a week. 50-60 billion cards are printed annually, of which 45-50 billion are kept in landfills. This can be prevented by increasing the use of digital visiting cards. Save trees, save environment, be environmentally friendly.


Unlike paper cards, Digital Visiting Cards do not require printing and design. Therefore, digital visiting cards are very cheap, if not cheaper than paper cards.

Easy Update

Another advantage of a digital visiting card is that it updates easily. In the case of printed cards, we need to redesign and reprint cards that become difficult and expensive for small businesses. The digital visiting card lets you automatically update your contact information, address and vice versa.

Great First Impact

Great First Impact: Digital visiting cards allow you to attach photos, videos and links related to your business. It helps to show the full story behind your brand. This makes a very good first impression for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can share your Digital Visiting Card just like you share any message on whatsapp. We will provide your card's link with its preview which you can share on whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform...

  • Updating your Digital Visiting Card is very easy...From our Android application, you can easily update any details, image & videos of your Digital Visiting Card... IOS users can also change their details, Images And videos from our Admin panel Website..

  • With Digital Visiting Card, Customers can connect with you with only one click. Customers can call you, WhatsApp you, Reach to you & can Email You with only one button click..

  • In Digital Visiting Card, You can showcase your complete business details with images & videos. So you can create great first impact on your customer's mind that too without meeting them.

  • ofcourse not....We provde Digital Visiting Card with life time validity.Once you create your card, It will be live for Lifetime..

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